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We supply stone elements for major building projects including Hotels, Casinos, Office Buildings, Temples , Performing Arts Centers, Stadiums, Airports and Embassies; including  cut-to-size stone, Marble, Granite, Quartz, Limestone, cystallized glass, cut-to-size, honeycomb, counter-tops, cladding panels, kerf, quirt miter, T-31 anchor slots.This site shows a sample of our work and the variety of projects we do. We are very price competitive and have on time with deliveries.

We understand the importance of your construction schedule, the proper staging and shipping of the various phases of your project. From six different manufacturing sites around the world we supply a true depth of materials including Marble, Granite, Limestone, Sandstone, man-made Quartz, Crystallized Glass for Cut-to-Size, couter-top or wall cladding panels[ interior or exterior] . Panels may have edge and anchorage fabrication,such as kerf ,quirk miter, T-31 anchor slots… Now, we also supply stone on Honeycomb panels, recycled glass countertops and exterior terracotta cladding  and anchor systems…..Tiles or pavers are also available in a variety of finishes  We are told  our prices are most competetive.

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